Seine-Aval scientific seminar

GIP Seine-Aval organised its annual scientific seminar in Rouen on 17-18 May 2017.

The objective of the seminar was to present the results of the Seine-Aval 5 research projects currently being finalised, and to share the objectives of the Seine-Aval 6 research projects, which have just started.

The detailed programme can be found here, and the registration form is available by clicking here.
Registrations will close at 4 PM on Friday 05/05/2017.

Séminaire Seine-Aval


Session 1 : Hydro-morpho-sedimentary operation and sedimentary habitats

Session 2 : Bio-geo-chemical operation, primary and secondary production

Session 3 : Estuarine fish: Functional connectivity and trophic quality of habitats

THURSDAY 18 May 2017

Session 4 : Estuary ecological management and evolution trajectory

Session 5 : Environmental contamination, effects and bio-monitoring


A rate of €60 per night (including breakfast and taxes) has been negotiated with Kyriad, at 14 quai Gaston Boulet in Rouen (close to the railway station, and the seminar venue). Please call 02 35 15 25 25 for further details, indicating that you would like one of the rooms reserved by GIP Seine-Aval.