Internship report: Revolution of the food system

Maureen Djenaihi has produced a report on the revolution of food practices and the food system of the Seine-Normandy basin. 

This report, to be submitted to PIREN-Seine, was written at the end of a six-month SciencesPo Paris internship financed as part of the AScA - Université Pierre et Marie Curie agreement. Supervised by Xavier Poux and Sarah Lumbroso at the AScA research office, the internship was intended to provide a retrospective and trend-based analysis of these developments, in order to complete the retrospective analysis of the agrarian and agricultural systems in the Seine-Normandy basin performed by Blandine Arvis. By covering a broad spectrum of topics, the document therefore provides a workable basis for future initiatives within the PIREN-Seine framework, and, more globally, the collection of data on food systems in the basin.

Access the internship report (74p. 4.3 MB)