Studying crop sequences with CarrotAge, a HMM-based data mining software

Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsLe Ber, F, Beno\^ıt, M, Schott, C, Mari, J-F, Mignolet, C
JournalEcological Modelling
Start Page170
Date Published01/2006
Mots-cléscrop sequences, data mining, Hidden Markov models, land use
We have developed a knowledge discovery system based on high-order hidden Markov models for analyzing spatio-temporal data bases. This system, named CarrotAge , takes as input an array of discrete data – the rows represent the spatial sites and the columns the time slots – and builds a partition together with its a posteriori probability. CarrotAge has been developed for studying the cropping patterns of a territory. It uses therefore an agricultural drench database, named Ter-Uti , which records every year the land-use category of a set of sites regularly spaced. The results of CarrotAge are interpreted by agronomists and used in research works linking agricultural land use and water management. Moreover, CarrotAge can be used to find out and study crop sequences in large territories, that is a main question for agricultural and environmental research, as discussed in this paper.