Herbicides and nitrogen in precipitations : progression from west to east and contribution to the Marne river (France)

Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBlanchoud, H, Garban, B, Ollivon, D, Chevreuil, M
Start Page1025
Date Published05/2002
Mots-clésatrazine, herbicides, nitrogen, rainfall, river, wind
Herbicides and nitrogen fallout were studied in France at six sites from west to east. Atrazine, a herbicide widely used in France and forbidden in some European countries was found. Its fallout was quantified to 400 kg on the river Marne catchment (13 500 km2), an agricultural region located east of Paris. The average fallout contribution to the Marne river contamination was estimated at 20 ng/l from March to August. Independently of the wind direction, only a small part of this atmospheric contamination can reach adjacent countries.